Full Spectrum Adult Education Management System will revolutionize your adult education student reporting.

Full Spectrum Adult Education Management System

FULL SPECTRUM Adult Education Management System was produced to streamline the responsibility and enhance data collection and report execution in Adult Education programs at the state and neighborhood levels. Users have quick, precise access to program data such as attendance, and scores, permitting them to all the more successfully generate consistent accurate reports.

The framework is intended to meet all standards of the National Reporting System for Adult Education and P.L. 105-220, the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 and is steady with the U.S. Division of Education and the U.S. Branch of Labor. It rapidly and precisely conveys every report required for audit purposes.

Reports can be generated in a consolidated view which can be delivered electronically or efficiently printed.

Exceptional Student Management System

Improve performance today by saving resources used in report generating. We indeed give you an all in one student management system and put everything about student management in central location. Manage your students’ attendance, scores, class times and progress in a central location.

  • Local, network, or cloud based storage options.
  • Multiple administrator access to files.
  • Real-time NRS compliant reporting.
  • Instant access to shared data.

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